Albany house struck by lightning

A wire that supplied power to the home was seared by the strike, and fell the ground. / Mike Manzoni

A late afternoon lightening strike at an Albany home has left one family shaken and without power.

The strike, about 3:00 p.m., hit the back of the house on 1721 Antioch Road, searing a wire that supplied electricity to the family's home and pool.

"When it went boom it sounded like chains, and we jumped up. I'm serious, I jumped up with tears in my eye; I got scared. I came running in the house -- that's when he [her son] said, "Mom, there's no power, everything's out," said Sandy Hutchinson, who lives in the house with her husband and son. "It felt like it took the foundation right off the house."

The Albany Fire Department responded to the home to make sure there was no electrical fire. No one was injured in the strike.

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