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      Albany homeless looking to beat the heat

      With temperatures reaching in the high 90s and the heat index reaching 105, Albany's homeless population is looking to beat the heat.The Salvation Army will allow people to stay 14 days cost free as it is considered emergency shelter. After that, they can go to a thirty day goal program which can be done three times at the cost of five dollars a day.If that doesn't work out, they can go to various day centers, but most local ones close at 12 PM.

      When the shelters close some homeless travel to air conditioned businesses like supermarkets, while others seek shade. O ne of the more popular destination for the homeless seems to be the public library where they can get in the air condition and take advantage of some of the resources.Library Director Ashley Moore says "the libraries are open for everyone, we TMre here for our community and invite everyone to come in. We have a lot of things to help you beat the heat while you TMre in here. Computers are available to individuals, we have magazines and news papers as well as our books."

      For the homeless who are looking to get back on their feet, the Salvation Army, Day Center, and Albany Rescue Mission all offer programs to help them do so while beating the heat.