Albany High students support 9/11 victims

Balloons released for those affected by the 9/11 attacks. / Jessica Fairley

Albany High School students and faculty took time Friday afternoon to honor the fallen heroes of the September 11th attacks and our southwest Georgia first responders for their efforts.

Students released red, white, and blue balloons for the heroes, victims, and families of those affected by the disaster.

Representatives from the Dougherty County Sheriff', Dougherty County Police Department, Albany Fire Department and Albany Police Department were honored during the program.

They were presented with plaques for the services to the area.

Students with the school said although they were young when the attacks happened, they still understand why it's important to remember.

"Even though we don't know what it's about, we still have a heart and we still care about what happened. Our parents might remember, our older siblings might remember it, so it shows that we want to know what happened in our country," said Nasya Blackwell, Regional Vice President for Skills USA.

Albany High School's Skills USA team put on the program.

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