Albany High School locked down early Monday morning

The lockdown has since been lifted at Albany High School. / Sean Streicher

Albany High School was placed on lockdown Monday morning after a fight broke out on school grounds.

Dougherty County School Police say the fight took place around the student parking lot and involved mostly former students of the school system.

The school was only on lockdown for five minutes so the police could sort out who was supposed to be there and who wasn't.

Paramedics were on scene and checked out one child for a bump on his head but he is reportedly alright.

A few parents still decided to pick up their children early, just to be on the safe side; "Better safe then sorry, that's the motto of a mother, better safe than sorry because you never know what chances there are these days" says Debra Edwards.

Edwards added that she felt the school handled the situation properly and she will be sending her daughter back to school tomorrow.

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