Albany High principal post baffles school board

Dougherty County Board of Education. / Jessica Fairley

The Dougherty County Board of Education met Monday night and went over several issues that are facing the school system.

During the meeting, Superintendent Dr. Joshua Murfree addressed the board about a letter from the Georgia Department of Education demanding that Albany High School have a principal in place immediately.

Murfree stated he hadn't received the letter, although it had been sent to others within the school system.

The superintendent brought forth Scott Horton, Albany High Interim Principal, to verify that he did not receive the letter.

Rev. James Bush, Chairman of the Dougherty County School Board, questioned Dr. Murfree as to whether the board will be in compliance with SIG (School Improvement Grant) requirements if a principal is not placed at Albany High by October 19th.

Board members wanted to know whether or not SIG federal funds would be jeopardized if a principal is not placed at Albany High by the date specified.

Dr. Murfree says his intentions are to contact the Georgia Department of Education about this issue.

After an executive session, board members voted to return Angela Shumate back into the school system. Shumate was removed as principal of Albany High amid CRCT investigations.

Dr. Joshua Murfree will decide where she will be placed at a later date.

Also during the meeting, board member Darrel Ealum addressed the board about the existence of electronic devices in schools.

"We need to step back and take another look at cell phones and other electronic type devices in the schools," says Darryl Ealum, Dougherty County Board of Education member.

Officials made a decision to look into creating a policy that would allow students to have cell phones in schools. They didn't vote on the issue, but they agreed parents could consent to students using the items in schools for educational purposes.

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