Albany has big plans if T-SPLOST passes

The city of Albany would like to replace traffic lights if T-SPLOST passes. / Sean Streicher

In Albany and its surrounding counties, voters are split on the TSPLOST referendum.

In a Connect Georgia commissioned poll 51% of people questioned said they would vote in favor of TSPLOST, the remaining 49% ether said they wouldn't or they're undecided.

Those numbers are too close to declare victory, but that's not stopping the city of Albany from developing a list of proposed T-SPLOST projects.

The list of improvements includes:

-Street Resurfacing
-Street Paving
-Street Widening
-Intersection Improvement
-Traffic Signal Replacement
-Traffic Control Improvement
-Railroad Crossings Improvement
-Sidewalk Projects
-Alley Paving
-Bridge Inspection and Repairs

If T-SPLOST doesn't pass City Commissioner, Roger Marietta, says these projects aren't dead in the water,"were going to attack some of these problems regardless of whether T-SPLOST passes."

The completion of those projects will depend on funding becoming available.

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