Albany group becomes the Kattalistt for change

Kattalistt contributors gathers to spark change. / Jessica Fairley

A group of Albany residents have joined in an effort to boost pride within the 'Good Life City'.

'Change into an idea' is a mantra that those within the Kattalistt Company aim to follow.

"We basically see that when you have an idea and you pursue it, then that's a form of change," says James Malphrus, Chief Visionary Officer of the Kattalistt Company.

The Kattalistt Company held an open forum Friday afternoon to share ideas as to how they can transform the city without passing off the burden or the cost.

"If we can take that burden off of the city to pay for it, then they can put that money into other things," says James Malphrus.

Those within the circle of activists have already kick started their cause, setting up small projects to bring pride into the area.

"We're going to be cleaning up the Ray Charles Plaza. We're going to be repainting it and everything. Also we're going to be cleaning up the river banks and everything like that. You know make it prettier down here," says Sara Stull.

Downtown Albany isn't their only focus. The group wants to transform the entire city and the mindset of those within it.

"We're trying to say I don't care if you're 20, I don't care if you're 60, I don't care if you're from east Albany or west Albany or you're rich or poor. We just want you to be involved and take pride in where you live," says Robert Wright, Chief Compliance Officer of the Kattalist Company.

The Kattalistt Company has scheduled a Rivers Alive cleanup event for August 25th. The group also plans to host an event at the Deck of Arts that the city puts on during the last Friday of every month.

If you want join the Kattalistt Company in their efforts, you can find them on