Albany firefighter Roderick Jolivette arrested

FOX 31 News has confirmed exclusively that demoted Albany firefighter Roderick Jolivette is out on bond after being arrested Saturday.

The Chattahoochee Sheriff's Office tells us Jolivette posted bond so quickly after arriving at the jail, they did not take a mugshot. Jolivette was arrested early Saturday morning accused of impersonating a police officer.

Dougherty County Sheriff Kevin Sproul says Jolivette was arrested shortly after 2:00 a.m. Saturday and was transported to Chatahoochee County, Georgia. Sproul says the Chatahoochee County Sheriff's Department issued two arrest warrants for Jolivette late Friday afternoon.

Jolivette was charged with impersonating a police officer; which is a felony, and giving false information. Sheriff Sproul says Jolivette was pulled over for speeding near Columbus, and told the officer he worked for the Dougherty County Sheriff's Office. The officer let Jolivette go, but when the Chatahoochee County Sheriff called Sheriff Sproul, Sproul told him that Jolivette did not work for the Dougherty County Sheriff's Office.

Jolivette was fired in April for misusing city equipment as an assistant fire chief. Albany City Manager Al Lott reinstated Jolivette in June with a demotion. Jolivette's terms of reinstatement include a 90 day probation period, which he is still under. Sproul says Jolivette will be turned over to Chatahoochee County.

We will continue to update this exclusive story as more information becomes available.

Editor's Note: Information for the story was provided by the Chatahoochee County Sheriff's Department and the Dougherty County Sheriff's Department.