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      Albany fire officials talk safety protocol

      After four Gwinnett County firemen were held hostage in a house they responded to for a medical call, many are left wondering what safety protocol is in place for the men who risk their lives to help others.Albany Fire Department officials say there is never a situation they go to that isn't dangerous, but the possibility of a person turning on them is a reality in this day and age and they have to ensure the safety of their department as well as the public's.Captain Bobby Davis says there is currently no protocol in place for a potential gunman situation, but that doesn't mean they don't have the tools and take the steps needed to ensure their well-being.Captain Davis says firefighters follow the rule of "two in, two out" where the men will enter the building in teams of two to make sure they're both safe and come out together.Firemen also carry a handheld radio that can be easily accessed if they need backup or are in danger.Battalion Chief Daniel Potter says their job is to also use their senses to the best of their ability to assess a situation before they go in, but there is always a level of unpredictability.Captain Davis says he doesn't believe the recent hostage situation will cause departments to look at their training because they're so rare and says the men are already trained to handle themselves but there's very little they can do if a person pulls a weapon on them.Chief Potter says he hopes this doesn't become a trend and adds that firefighters will continue using the steps they take to make sure there isn't a similar situation nearby.

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