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      Albany Fire Department rescues residents by boat

      UPDATE 2/13/14 2:45pm

      The Albany Fire Department was forced to go door to door by foot after they discovered the flood waters were too low to use the rescue boat.Some resident chose to stay with their houses, while others walked to safety with the firefighters.Residents who chose not to leave their homes say they knew how high the water was going to get and didn't see any reason to leave.The AFD said they don't believe those people are any danger at this time.

      ORIGINAL STORY An over-abundance of rain has left many residents on Radial Avenue in East Albany stranded and in need of assistance.

      The water has risen at a rate of two feet in fifteen minutes along the Piney Woods Creek causing the Albany Fire Department to bring in a boat to rescue at least five people.

      One lady resident was able to evacuate last night and stayed with a Red Cross shelter.

      Jim Vaught, Deputy Director of Emergency Management, says that there could be more stranded but due to the road curving, firefighters are unsure of an exact number of people needing help.

      Flooding is a common occurrence along Radial Avenue because it is a low-lying area.

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