Albany Fire Department puts the heat on blight

The Albany Fire Department get the house set up for training exercises. / Todd Bailey

Thursday morning, the Albany Fire Department helped the city save some dollars by bringing down a blighted property.

There's no longer an eyesore on West Lincoln Avenue and no need for a bulldozer to tear down the vacant structure.

Firefighters started the fire with a chair and a blowtorch.

"The purpose of doing that is to show the drift down effect once the fibers burn. That's going to help us train people that are doing arson investigations to make determinations as to whether the fire was set or not, because set fires are illegal" said Assistant Chief of Training Eugene Anderson .

Safety in a live burn situation is very important.

"We're doing everything in a safer environment as we can both for the firefighters and for the neighbors, the structures on either side of the fire building will be protected and that's paramount for the obvious reasons."

This live burn was a way for Albany firefighters to get hands on training.

The department requires six hours of live training hours to keep up with mandated requirements.

This exercise found different ways to use equipment.

"The benefits are, you got some of the newer guys and you get them out here and you get them exposure that will benefits them in the long run and the department" said Fire Captain Bruce Bennett.