Albany Fire Department gets new gear to breathe easier

Albany Firefighters had to have custom molds taken for the masks to fit properly. / Todd Bailey

The Albany Fire Department will soon have new gear to assist in fighting fires.

Almost two hundred firefighters were sized for new breathing apparatus face masks that will be attached to oxygen tanks they wear as they are battling flames.

The department has been researching this equipment for the past year.

They selected the MSA brand which was properly fitted by the FireLine Inc. for the past week.

FireLine told us more about the twelve minute test they are giving with the new equipment.

"They have a range, from normal breathing to hard breathing, from standing up and bending over and touching their toes to make sure those will not create leaks around the face piece" said Hien Nygen of FireLine.

The new equipment is expected to be on Albany fire trucks starting at the beginning of April.