Albany fire celebrates 'Super Bowl' with food and hard work

Albany Fire crews celebrate the 'Super Bowl' with food, and more importantly hard work protecting the community. / From file

Although parties were being held all over the city, Albany Fire officials still had to be on duty, but that doesn't mean they weren't tuning in for the big game.

With firefighters always on-call, they still find a way to enjoy every holiday by cooking up fresh food, and spending time with their "fire family."

Battalion Chief, Keith Ambrose, says although their ready for a call at anytime, they still get excited for game day.

"Up here at Station 1, we've got the guys cooking up some wings, different dips, got the TV going, and hopefully everybody stays safe, and we'll get to watch the game," said Ambrose.

Ambrose also reminded everyone to remain safe heading home from those 'Super Bowl' parties, and be sure to designate a driver if you've been drinking any alcoholic beverages.

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