Albany family desperately searching for missing relative

44-year-old Eddie Loud of Albany has been missing for nearly a month. / Provided by family

Eddie Loud, a 44-year-old man from Albany, has been missing since late January according to his relatives. Loud was last seen at his home on 7th Avenue in Albany.

Catholine Walton, Loud's sister-in-law, said Loud is not the type of person who would leave without calling and checking up on his family. Walton said family and friends have continued to search for him nearly every day of the past two months that he has been missing. Walton said the longer he is missing, the harder it's getting to stay positive.

Loud's family filed a police report on February 16th and they are continuing to work with the Albany Police department in hopes of finding him.

FOX 31 spoke to Phyllis Banks with APD who explained the protocol they follow when it comes to missing persons.

Banks says once the report is filed, it is then given to Family Protection Services. While the report is being made officers are working around the clock searching the last known area of the person and following up on any leads they may have as to where that person is. Once the report is finalized with all of the information about that person, it is then put into two databases, GCIC and NCIC. These two databases send an alert back to APD if the person is located in any part of Georgia.

Banks also said officers are given a picture of the missing person and they are constantly on the streets and on the lookout. She said the case remains an active open case until the person is found, no matter how long that may take.

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