Albany families concerned for storm victims

Destruction after tornado.

As the death toll climbs across the south after Wednesday night's string of storms, families in the Albany area revealed their concerns for storm victims.

One woman has a brother living in north Georgia. When she woke on Thursday morning to scenes from the destruction on the news, she immediately thought of her brother.

"I called and checked to make sure he was okay and to make sure him and his family were alright and safe," said Myra Randall.

Roy Carrillo, owner of Albany's Northside Barbershop, said he has family in Alabama.

"I haven't been able to get in contact with them," said Carrillo, " We tried earlier today and we're going to try again later."

The tornadoes hit close to home for Jermaine Ferguson. He remembers the devastating tornado that hit Americus, Georgia back in 2007. He was a caught in the aftermath of that storm.

Ferguson said the twister of 2007 was his second time facing mother nature.

"Back in the 90's, I was in the house and it jumped over my house. It sounded like a train, like something you never heard," said Jermaine Ferguson.

He says he's grateful the twisters spared his life twice.