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      Albany-Dougherty Metro SWAT Team completes advance training course

      The Albany-Dougherty Metro SWAT Team wrapped up a week of Level 2 Advance SWAT Training Friday with a school bus hostage situation.Crews learned how to cover a team entering the bus and alternate ways of reaching the children should the front door be blocked.This is something that we have to train for in law enforcement, we have to have out officers and especially our SWAT team trained to handle this situation so when it does happen they can be prepared.Using simulation guns they SWAT team entered a school bus multiple times taking out the suspects and rescuing hostages.We know that our children are out number prized commodity, and we want to be able to be prepared to protect them in the event that we have a situation in a school bus or in a school building, said SWAT team member Samuel Hill.Course instructors praised the SWAT team members for successfully completing the level 2 training, and say this was the first time this course was offered in Georgia.