Albany-Dougherty Drug Unit seizes recently banned drug

Officials say this is the largest synthetic marijuana bust in Albany

Drug unit officials just released details about what they found in a Friday night drug bust.

Marijuana, cocaine, and a gun were among items seized, but there was one item in particular that caught police attention; a large bag of spice or synthetic marijuana. Officials say this is the largest amount of synthetic marijuana they have seized in Albany.

Aundrek Bussey, Walter Irvin, and Deshavea Ivory were all arrested. Bussey and Irvin are charged with possession of the drugs and firearm; Ivory is charged with giving false information to an officer. Officials had been monitoring the apartment at 2410 Nottingham Way since December 2009. Officials found money, a gun, and a variety of drugs at the apartment.

Drug Unit Major Bill Berry says this wasn't a very big bust however what makes it interesting is the large amount of spice marijuana or synthetic marijuana. "We've seen it in street level amounts, small $5, $10 bags; we've seen several of those. This is the first time we've seen it of this quantity," says Berry.

Officials say they are concerned that this is a sign there is much more synthetic marijuana out there. Governor Sonny Perdue actually signed a bill banning synthetic marijuana in May after two Georgia teens were hospitalized from smoking it.