Albany considers kicking trash to the curb

The city of Albany is considering a curbside recycling program. Commissioners have voted to move forward with a survey to see how this can be implemented in the city.

Mayor Dorothy Hubbard says she is in agreement with implementing the recycling program.

Since coming into office, Mayor Hubbard has worked to clean up the city's image.

Phil Roberson with Albany Public Works says residents who want to use curbside service will have to subscribe and pay a monthly fee. A company will be chosen by the city to collect the recycled material.

Once a company is chosen, commissioners will decide whether they are qualified for the job.

They are hoping to have a company selected by late fall.

Officials say want to make sure prices are reasonable so that people will participate in the program.

"By making it available for anyone in Albany who wants to sign up for it, we feel like we'll know in six months or a year what sort of level of interest there is in Albany," said Phil Roberson, Albany Public Works Director. "We may want to expand the program going forward but right now we want to make the service available to those that want it."

Roberson says it will be up to commissioners to decide if the company will have to pay a fee to the city for hauling solid waste.

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