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      Albany commissioners talk local issues in Atlanta

      Mayor Dorothy Hubbard will visit local delegation next month in Washington D.C. to talk about saving the Albany Marine Corps Band

      City Commissioners went to Atlanta to sit in on seminars and speak with legislators.

      Commissioners Roger Marietta and Jon Howard made the trip this week.

      Issues mentioned included a bill regarding metal thefts that would require scrap metal stores to check ID's and take tag numbers before rewarding cash for any metal.

      Mayor Dorothy Hubbard says she is also planning a trip to Washington D.C. to talk with delegation about several issues, including keeping the Albany Marine Corps Band.

      It's known as the Albany Marine Corps Band, which means that gives us publicity and it TMs a positive impact for our city when they go and play all over the country, says Mayor Hubbard.

      She plans on going next month with members of the Chamber of Commerce.