Albany commission stumped on future of housing unit

Albany city commissioners are in a dilemma in deciding what to do with the Cutliff Grove Resource Center.

In Tuesdays meeting, commissioners received an update about the Cutliff Grove Family Resource Center and what they should do with the property as Cutliff Grove is requesting a decrease in their payments to the city.

Commissioner Bob Langstaff says the city could help maintain the property, hire someone to manage the facility or try and sale the property.

Over the last five months Cutliff Grove has only paid the interest on the property.

Cutliff Grove earned over $450,000 in rental revenue over the last three years from over 40 units. This money was placed toward maintenance and repairs. There are still many repairs that need to be done on the property.

Officials have tabled this issue until they receive additional information on how much it would cost to bring the facility up to standard.

Commissioners will take a Hometown Connection Bus Tour Tuesday through the city to view low income housing and see the challenges that they present to the community. They will go over issues with some rental properties.