Albany Commission candidate facing financial difficulty

This year the government implemented a program that pays people 15 to 30% for turning in people who cheat on their taxes. Many people are behind on taxes, but when those in the public eye pay a bill late it hits them even harder.

One of the candidates up for a seat on the Albany City Commission is facing financial difficulty and is two years behind on his property taxes.

Public records show Victor and Juanita Edwards haven't paid property taxes since 2008.

According to information from the Dougherty County Tax Department, they owe over $1,500 in unpaid expenses.

Officials with the Albany Tax Assessors Office say they haven't pursued payment from the couple because they're protected by a bankruptcy clause.

Fox 31 asked locals if this would sway their vote and many say that it would.

However, some people say they would consider turning someone in for not paying their taxes now that the government will give a financial bonus to them. Others say not so much.

"I don't think it's my business to tell on people who cheat on their taxes. But if they pay me, I don't know," said one Albany resident.

Not everyone who turns someone in will qualify for a financial reward. The total amount of fraud would have to come out to over 2 million dollars in order for someone to receive a reward.