Albany civilian marines return home before Christmas

Six Albany MCLB marines have returned from Afghanistan just in time for the Christmas holiday.
/ Jessica Fairley

A few families across southwest Georgia received and early Christmas package from Afghanistan Friday afternoon.

Six civilian marines from the Albany Marine Corps Logistics Base made it home just in time for the holiday season.

Their plane arrived from Atlanta around 5:30 p.m.

The men gave hugs to their spouses after not seeing them for over a year while they were in Afghanistan.

"It's awesome. I can't ask for anything better. It couldn't be at a better time," said Shawn Lucas, Albany MCLB Civilian Marine.

Brandon Sibley is the oldest of three to welcome their father home. He says he can't wait to catch up on all the things his father missed while he was overseas.

"It was two different things because my brother went into the third grade. I'm in my first year of high school and my sister entered school and you know he missed that," said Brandon Sibley.

The arrival of the brave six was emotional for all involved. Shawn Lucas says the trip made him value what he has here in Albany.

"I missed the everyday life, my own shower, sleeping in my own bed and my wife of course," said Shawn Lucas.

As the men adjust to life back home they say they'll always remember the experience of Afghanistan.

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