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      Albany City Manager lays out 2014 budget

      Albany City Manager James Taylor presented his 2014 budget to the board of commission.The proposed budget for 2014 is $750,000 less than the budget for 2013.In the budget, 16 positions will be cut due to attrition.Assistant City Manager Wes Smith says no employees will be laid off.City officials have recently closed the print shop and transferred the three employees who worked there to other departments.The balanced budget does not include cost of living adjustments, merit increases, holiday reduction, fireworks among other things.During the Christmas time, officials are looking to reduce staff to 2006/2007 levels and eliminate staff duplications.Taylor say economic outlook is looking up but it's going to be two years before Albany sees more progress because progress is normally seen in larger cities and then trickles down to smaller cities.Commissioner were presented the budget on May 7th. They will have an option to discuss the budget on May 21 and there will be another meeting on May 28.

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