Albany City Commission passes pit bull ordinance

On Monday, Albany City Commissioners voted and approved a Pit Bull ordinance.

/ Jessica Fairley

In Monday's Albany City Commissioners Meeting, commissioners voted and approved a pit bull ordinance. This was approved as a first reading.

Commissioner Roger Marietta, who initiated the ordinance, abstained from voting because he wants to review the issue once again in a second reading. He felt that there are issues with the proposed ordinance that need to be addressed.

"In fact some cities have tried it and it doesn't work but since my colleagues are intent on passing something, I just thought that it would be wise to moderate it a little bit so that the average homeowner would be bankrupted by a dog ordinance," said Roger Marietta, Albany Commissioner.

The ordinance, as it stands, would require pit bull owners to have a six foot fence around their home, a hooded pen, and $100,000 in liability insurance.

Commissioner Tommie Postell said the ordinance may be strict but it's designed for the city as a whole and not just a select few.

A second reading will be held in about a month and commissioners will once again vote for the ordinance, according to Albany City Attorney Nathan Davis.

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