Albany City Commission increases occupational tax

On Tuesday, the Albany Board of City Commissioners voted in favor of raising the occupational tax for business owners

/ Colby Gallagher

The Albany Board of City Commissioners previously tabled the issue of raising the occupational tax to take a full vote at the next meeting.

On Tuesday, the board voted in favor of a Commissioner Roger Marietta's new version, which he introduced shortly before the meeting began.

Marietta wanted an increase small enough that it wouldn't negatively affect the businesses with only a handful of employees but large enough to still generate revenue for the city's general funds.

"For business owners, the minimum amount they have will have to pay for business license was increased from 100 to $125 and the max amount is $9,000 but overall the average increase that the business owners will see is anywhere around $35 to maybe around $150 and this is on an annual basis," said Ava O'Neal, Albany's Accounting Manager.

O'Neal says the increase was necessary to offset the growing financial costs the city has faced.

The increase will immediately go into effect and O'Neal says the finance department will start sending out all of the information to business owners so they can be prepared when contract renewals begin in December.

During the same meeting, the board also voted to approve live streaming of commission meetings on YouTube.

Both Fox 31 and our media partner, the Albany Herald, will begin streaming those meetings in the upcoming weeks. The next meeting is scheduled for December 18th.

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