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      Albany City Commission exploring dangerous dog ordinance

      Albany city commissioners are looking into amending the city's "dangerous dog" ordinance targeting pit bulls.During Tuesday's Albany Board of Commissioners meeting, Commissioner Roger Marietta made a motion that board members add a dangerous dog ordinance amendment into the current dog ordinance.

      If an adult person is being attacked by these dogs then they can fend them off somewhat but it's a little kid sometimes there is a death or a mauling, said Roger Marietta.

      City Attorney Nathan Davis submitted paperwork laying out the pit bull as an animal that would be deemed as a dangerous dog.In the current ordinance, a pit bull isn't labeled as a dangerous dog until it attacks someone. However with the new amendment, all pit bulls will be deemed as dangerous. This means the owners of those animals will have to have liability insurance on that animal, registration, and a proper enclosure for the dog.Davis says there has been two recent incidents that would support a new ordinance, in addition to statistics on the amount of pit bull attacks versus other animal attacks.

      Statistics show that pit bulls are 11 percent of the dog population, yet the number of pit bull bites and attacks greatly exceeds 11 percent, said Nathan Davis, Albany City Attorney.

      Davis submitted paperwork for commissioners to look at.During the discussion, one board member brought up the idea that other animals maybe should go on the list also.Commissioners have approved a motion to take Davis' draft ordinance and have it reviewed by the Citizens Advisory Committee to review and bring forth information at the net work session meeting.

      It will give us something to build on to set something into place to protect the citizens of Albany, especially our children, said Commissioner Ivy Hines.

      Although officials have singled out pit bulls in the proposal, they plan to research other dog species that have a high volume of reported attacks.