Albany Chamber president to use past in leading chamber future

Photo Credit: Colby Gallagher

Albany-area Chamber of Commerce President Chris Hardy spoke to the Rotary Club during a luncheon at the Doublegate Country Club this afternoon.

Hardy, who was hired in March, spoke about his past and how he plans on using that to run Albany's Chamber of Commerce.

Hardy believes the camaraderie and hospitality are Albany's strengths that he has not seen anywhere else and Albany can play this to our advantage when accepting new businesses and tourists.

At the same time, he feels the unhappy mindset in certain groups is a weakness he needs to tackle as leader.

"That's something that's not going to be done overnight; it may not be a year, it may be a couple of years to where we can do it, but we need to change the mindset. We need to change the perception," said Hardy.

Hardy plans to try and understand this mindset before overcoming it by having the Chamber and various business leaders come together to help Albany grow as a community.