Albany calls on citizens to help clean the city

Residence learned way to help keep Albany clean / Sean Streicher

It's time for Albany to start getting cleaned up, in order to do so the city needs your help.

Mayor Dorothy Hubbard called the community into action, and asked everyone to their part in making a cleaner, safer neighborhood. She said, "We have to clean up our city, and we have to work together to do it. So I had to call everybody together and let them understand we cannot do this alone"

The city recommends organizing your block into a group. That group should then make a list of ways to improve their block. The list could include things such as street clean ups, trimming trees, or reporting abandoned cars or houses. From there start planning how to get these things done

Mayor Hubbard also says a cleaner city will help attract new businesses to the area, but Its not just about looks, it's about safety. Abandoned houses are a breeding ground for crime, by reporting them your helping the city to remove the homes.