Albany businesses take advantage of Facebook

The Pizza Shop uses Facebook to advertise daily specials / Sean Streicher

With Facebook approaching 1 billion users many Downtown Albany businesses are turning to the social media website as a form of marketing.

Aaron Blair from Downtown Albany says, "that (it) is the best free advertising that you could get for yourself and plus it just broadens your scope, your interaction with customers. We could be interacting with someone in Florida, or in Americus, or wherever from downtown Albany, and let them know what products you have.

If you expect to use Facebook to grow your network of customers to gain online sales, Blair advises you fully commit to using it.

Updating your page is a great way of letting current, and future customers know what's going on with your business or organization, such as specials or events.

You can let your favorite Albany business know how much you like them, by "liking" their Facebook page. Check out some of the areas pages below.

The Pizza Shop

Albany Area Arts Council

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