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      Albany business owner: 'Don't be daunted by age'

      Askew is only 31-year-old and is founder of an $18 million company

      Albany State University students heard from a very young business owner--who told them it is possible to accomplish great things at a young age.

      Spencer Askew is only 31 years old, and is the founder of EFreightSolutions.com and GeorgiaFreight.com.

      He is originally from Albany and discovered a way to bring shipping buyers and sellers together, much the same way that travel websites like Expedia.com pairs travelers with hospitality businesses.

      He told students not to be daunted by age.

      Most people in the industry, they've worked in the logistics industry for about 30 years and they don't have a problem telling you that, says Askew.

      Askew spoke as part of ASU's Business Lecture Series.