Albany Boys & Girls Club conserving energy

A program that set out to help young men grow into responsibility is now saving dollars for parents and the Boys and Girls Club.

Under a program called Boys to Men young males started a project designed to conserve energy.

Once they saw that unplugging appliances shaved bucks off the monthly energy bill, they then took the project home to get parent involved.

Families affiliated with the Boys and Girls Club made an effort to cut off or unplug anything they weren't using and eventually they saw a difference.

"Initially it wasn't as much, probably maybe a few dollars," said Boys and Girls Club Coordinator Michael Nelson, "But after a couple of months we had one to have as much as 50 dollars saved just from the small stuff.

One of the young men who helped lead the program was selected to go to Washington D.C. to speak at the Energy Star of the Year Awards. He said the best way to get people on board is to spread the word and ask people to sign a petition to save.