Albany bikers raise money for drowning victim's family

Mother of drowning victim. / Jessica Fairley

A group of bikers have joined together to raise money for the burial of a recent drowning victim.

Jakob Peters, 9, drowned on Thursday in a pond in Dawson, Georgia.

The family is now in the process of trying to make funeral arrangements. To help with the cost, biker organization, Another Level rounded up Albany riders.

"The parents have lost a son but they don't have the money to get him buried," said Another Level biker Gene Papa.

One by one cars pull up to the fundraiser with donations ranging from five dollar bills to a 100 dollar check. In addition to contributions from volunteers, each biker gave ten bucks as a fee for the event.

Over seventy bikers trailed their way to the family's home in Dawson. As the parade of riders rolled through the area, family members were caught off guard.

"It's overwhelming. I mean we just were not expecting this at all," said Jakob Peters aunt Debora Peters.

The mother of the nine-year-old couldn't contain her tears as she was flooded with hugs and most importantly a 1250 dollar money order. The family said this type of support is more than they bargained for.

"We couldn't have asked for more. It's a very thoughtful thing for everyone to come out and do this for us," said Debora Peters.

She said this moment is important because it makes her realize just how much people care.

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