Albany auto shop picking up the glass and repairs from damaged cars

One of the cars back windows were shot out by a BB gun. / Colby Gallagher

Purvis Auto Repair is now responsible for the repair of six cars that were damaged late Thursday night after the shop had closed. An unknown number of suspects used a BB gun to shoot out the windows of six cars -- three inside the gate and three outside.

Buddy Purvis, the owner, will be paying for the repairs out of pocket. The repairs will cost him around $4,000.

Buddy is offering a $300 reward to anyone with information that convicts or catches the person(s) involved.

Albany police found a CO2 cartridge from the BB gun. They're hoping to pull some prints from it or match a serial number to trace it back to the suspect.

Purvis is very afraid he is going to lose business -- a new customer is one of the victims -- their car had six panes of glass shot out. He is now taking steps to ensure future customers can feel safe leaving their car in his hands

"I'm going to put me up a surveillance system, cameras, and I'm also going to put a privacy fence around my business," said Purvis.

Andy Miller Jr., employee, says, "It's not so aggravating to me as it's just aggravating to the whole company. Think about the money they just cost for no obvious reason whatsoever."

"I guess you just can't protect every one of them all the time," said Miller.

"We're going to have to do something to deter some of this crime. It cost me money out of my pocket. When you lose $4,000 out of your pocket, you can never recover it," said Purvis.