Albany air pollution getting worse?

Eric Cornwell with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources speaks about the Proctor and Gamble permit request. / Jessica Fairley

Proctor and Gamble is seeking a permit to make a modification that could increase the amount of pollutants in the air.

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources held a public meeting Thursday night to receive feedback about the request.

Proctor and Gamble wants to replace one of their older boilers with one that's larger.

Officials say if this modification is made, there will be an increase in air pollution.

"At this point we're concluding our review, taking any last minute comments that the public may have, addressing those comments that may be relevant and then from here making a final decision to determine if that permit will be issued," said Eric Cornwell, Georgia DNR Program Manager for the Stationary Source Permitting Program.

If the permit is granted, state officials will regulate the air to make sure the concentration of pollution is acceptable.