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      Albanians show generosity around Thanksgiving.

      With Thanksgiving only days away organizations have decided to use this holiday to give back to the less fortunate.

      For these Thanksgiving holidays we wanted to take time to feed those who are less privileged then we are, said Bishop Tiajello Hill from Cathedral of Praise.

      Members for Cathedral of Praise Church prepared enough food to feed 300 people.

      With the recent drop in temperature, King Solomon Lodge #14, decided along with Thanksgiving lunch they were going to give away some clothing to help keep people warm.

      It was cold last night so a couple of guys got together and cleaned our their closest and we brought a bunch of stuff down here and it's going over real well we have children closes as well as adult clothes,

      Also given away were school supplies, and there was even a raffle for a brand new bike.

      Between these two local organizations, over 500 of the area TMs less futurity had the opportunity to enjoy a hot Thanksgiving dinner, Saturday.

      In the days leading up to Thanksgiving there are multiple dinners planned around Albany, including:

      - A clothing and food distribution at 408 N Madison on Monday, the 19th.- The Albany Police Department Thanksgiving dinner at the Albany civic Center on Tuesday, the 20th. - Feed the Homeless at Friendship Missionary Baptist church at 400 Pine Ave on Thanks giving day, Thursday the 22nd.