Airport terminal entrance roadway closing for June construction

      the entrance to the airport terminal will be closed for construction on May 29th and is expected to reopen on June 8th. / From file

      The Southwest Georgia Regional Airport is getting some upgrades and roads will close while they are installed.

      According to airport officials via a press release, the entrance to the airport terminal will be closed for construction on May 29th, 2012.

      Contractors and subcontractors will be removing and installing new sewage, storm water, and water pipes across the road leading to the curbside of the terminal to the main city lines. Officials state in the release that they believe work will be finished by June 8th.

      Airport officials advise that during this closure, airport employees, rental car and restaurant patrons, and passengers will have to either park their vehicles in the airport parking lot and walk to the terminal or vehicle drivers can pull up to the crosswalk, where the American and Georgia State flags are, and drop off their passengers. To gain access to the airport parking lot, all airport personnel and patrons will have to use the current airport exit lane. One lane (northern) will be utilized for entering the airport and the other lane (southern) will be utilized for exiting. The southern lane will be a right turn lane only. Temporary directional signs will be erected to direct employees and patrons of the new airport entrance and exit.