Airport staffers look for smooth ride after revamp

Southwest Georgia Regional Airport's main runway will be re-surfaced/ Photo: Alexandria Ikomoni

The Southwest Georgia Regional Airport’s main runway will be resurfaced next summer.

A runway should be redone every 20-25 years, and the airport is right on track, according to executives.

Administrators say resurfacing the runway is necessary in order to keep everyone on a plane safe.

“Aircrafts come in and certainly over a period of time,” Airport Director David Hamilton said. “They put runs in the runway or some of the cracking that’s going on, as we have right now. So you want to keep those, and stay a head of the game on that.”

This project is being funded by the Federal Aviation Administration.

According to Hamilton, the airport will start the planning phase this summer, and will last three months. The actual construction will take place summer of 2018.

The airport is also currently working on adding a new exit lane. The goal is to help eliminate traffic when people are leaving the airport.

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