Airport soaring to new heights

The Albany-Dougherty County Aviation Commission met Monday to discuss several key issues contributing to the every improving airport system in southwest Georgia.

"We had several items on the agenda tonight, we had to fill two of our aviation commission seats, Mr.. Eugene Jeter passed a few months ago, so we were replacing him and his unexpired term, and then we had another reappointment of Mr.. Keith Fletcher," said Airport Director, Yvette Aehle.

The meeting also touched on the possibility of adding new aircrafts that could hold up to 100 more passengers, enhancing the amount of traffic coming in and out each day.

With so many improvements happening to the Southwest Georgia Regional Airport, a lot of residents are curious when their brand new terminal will open, so that their friends and family can come visit in style.

"Right now their erecting steel, the frame of the terminal. This is something new. This terminal is 53-years-old, so it's gotten its use, so this one here will be a huge impact to this area," said Deputy Director, Kenneth Johnson.

With the terminal scheduled to open in the summer of 2013, officials expect the amount of travel and use of the Southwest Georgia Regional Airport to really take off.

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