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      Agents: Most elaborate grow house we've ever seen

      Drug enforcement officers said it was the most elaborate marijuana grow house they've ever seen.

      The house on 3440 Forest Ridge Dr. was outfitted with irrigation systems, grow lamps, a dry room and more than 80 marijuana plants.

      I just started my 36th year in law enforcement today and I have never seen one this elaborate. I've seen them bigger but never this elaborate, said Albany-Dougherty Drug Unit commander Bill Berry.

      The bust started at about 3 p.m. Wednesday when officers arrested the resident, 33-year-old Raymond Fajardo. Agents then served a search warrant on Fajardo's home and found the paraphernalia.

      The police activity did not come as a surprise to residents who live on this quiet street. They knew that something strange was going on here the moment that Fajardo put up odd fences around his yard.

      You TMre putting up a fence because you want to keep people out. You want to keep the mail lady out, you want to keep water gas and light out. You want to keep code enforcement out. You want to keep police out and there is a reason for that, said Martin Tyre, who lives across the street.

      Fajardo is now in Dougherty County Jail and faces multiple charges.