ADICA making it easy to navigate Albany

Image of kiosks to be placed in downtown Albany. / Jessica Fairley

Soon Albany tourists will find it easier to navigate the downtown area.

ADICA or the Albany-Dougherty Inner City Authority has plans in place to set up kiosks around the city.

Initially they'll be two in the downtown area; one on Front Street and the other on Broad Avenue near the shopping area.

ADICA officials are also partnering with Phoebe on revitalization efforts in the Old Northside residential neighborhood.

"We want to look at the availability of some of the historic homes that may be on the demolition list, whether it's through Phoebe or through the city, that we can possibly relocate into that neighborhood and make available for homeownership," says Aaron Blair, Albany Downtown City Manager.

Blair says although things are in the works, they won't be completed over night.