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      ADICA looking to improve downtown

      The Albany Dougherty Inner City Authority is working to improve some of downtown's major attractions.

      It's something they think will help keep visitors flowing through the area.

      On Wednesday ADICA focused on bettering the three things they feel could help the most.

      The main things in discussion were the Art Park, the Flint River Aquarium, and the Skate Park.

      The board is working to make each attraction better, so that it will help bring more residents and visitors to the area.

      Members are confident in this process; Tommy Gregors with the Aquarium says "if we can add another attraction or element for the people downtown that helps everybody downtown so we all benefit."

      If you're heading to the Art Park, ADICA says they are limiting the hours of the art park next week, so artists can come in, clean up the walls, and freshen up some of the art that's currently there.

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