ADDU: Store clerks sold marijuana over the counter

ADDU found a quarter of a pound of marijuana during the bust / Sarah Bleau

Three men are behind bars after the Albany Dougherty Drug Unit busted some convenience store clerks who they say were selling more than candy and lottery tickets..
FOX 31's Sarah Bleau connects us to the story.

"Clerks were selling marijuana inside the store from the counter," says Maj. Bill Berry with ADDU.

Thursday night the drug unit conducted a search warrant on Neighborhood Grocery on Johnson Road after investigating for nearly three weeks. Serving the warrant was made a simpler with the help of a distraction.

"There was a large fight going on between two women and that kind of helped distract everyone as we pulled in. I think they honestly thought police were arriving because of the fight," says Berry.

The ADDU found a quarter of a pound of marijuana and nearly $600 in cash that Berry says were proceeds from selling the marijuana over the counter.

Warrick Galbert, 33, and Anthony Luckett, 29, worked at the store, according to ADDU, and were arrested on charges including Possession of Marijuana with Intent to Distribute and Possession of a Firearm During a Crime. Joshua Fletcher, 29, is not an employee of the store, says ADDU; he was arrested and charged with Possession of Marijuana With Intent to Distribute and Possession of Drug Related Charges.

ADDU says they are investigating whether or not the owner of the convenience store knew marijuana was being sold.

"He says no, he was not there... We'll have to look into the investigation of that and see but right now there is no indication that he was selling," says Berry.

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