ADDU recovers drugs on Melrose Drive

They recovered bath salt, spice, pills, mushrooms, ecstasy, five handguns, chemicals, and scales along with other equipment and chemicals. Along with this they found over 300 pairs of shoes in the house, most costing around $150. / Courtney Highfield

The Albany-Dougherty Drug Unit has brought to light an eight month investigation into what they're now calling their biggest spice bust to date.

The house that sits at 1901 Melrose Drive looks like any other house on the street but there was something very different about what was inside. Last Wednesday, August 13th, ADDU obtained a search warrant for the home. They executed that warrant Friday the 15th and recovered 50 pounds of spice, one kilo of bath salts, four hand guns, pills that may be ecstacy, equipment to make drugs, three vehicles, and over 300 pairs of high-end shoes. The street value of the items recovered is over $700,000.

Berry explained, "this isn't street level dope. With almost 50 pounds of spice and two and a half pounds or a kilo of bath salts, this is serious distribution." What ADDU will work on next is trying to figure out who and where the drugs were being delivered to.

Major Bill Berry with ADDU told FOX 31 red flags were raised when frequent packages were being delivered to the home from Hong Kong. Not only is ADDU trying to make the connection between Albany and Hong Kong, they're also trying to figure out why there were so many shoes and where they came from. Berry said, "Customs has a division on counterfeit stuff that's smuggled into the country to compete with Nike and all these others and that's what we're trying to determine; are these counterfeit? If he's ordering other things, drugs, out of China, could he be ordering counterfeit shoes and then selling them?"

The drug unit will be looking further into several aspects of the case but right now have made one arrest. Lester Joffrion, who Berry says is now out on bond, is charged with possession of a schedule I drug, manufacturing, and possession of drug manufacturing equipment. Berry says other charges are pending.

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