ADDU performs underage drinking bust on Albany stores

11 out of 18 stores in Albany failed to decline selling alcohol to a minor during a compliance check on Friday, March 8th / File

11 out of 18 stores in Albany failed to decline selling alcohol to a minor during a compliance check on Friday, March 8th.

The check was conducted by the Albany-Dougherty Drug Unit and was meant to see if stores were performing identification checks while selling alcohol.

While nine stores asked for ID, two of them still allowed the minor to buy alcohol. Seven stores checked and denied the minor but nine stores didn't ask for ID at all.

The ADDU says these statistics translate to 61% of the stores selling alcohol to a minor with only 39% passing the check. Below is a breakdown of the stores and whether or not they sold to the minor.

Locations that sold to an under-age person:

  1. Stop n Shop â" 700 Cordele Road
  2. Big E's County Store â" 2100 Cordele Road
  3. Quikmart â" 3333 Sylvester Road
  4. Stop N Shop â" 2609 Sylvester Road
  5. Neighborhood Grocery â" 716 Johnson Road
  6. Radium Springs Food Mart â" 2524 Radium Springs Road
  7. Stop and Shop â" 2201 Liberty Expressway
  8. Grab n Go â" 5400 Newton Road
  9. 1 Stop Shop â" 1404 W. Oakridge Drive
  10. Devi's â" 1400 Palmyra Road
  11. Quickway 814 N. Jefferson Street

Locations that did not sell to an under-age person:

  1. Quick Buys â" 3522 Sylvester Road
  2. Pit Stop â" 3225 Sylvester Road
  3. Family Pantry â" 4324 Radium Springs Road
  4. Save Rite â" 427 Westover Boulevard
  5. College Corner â" 2217 Gillionville Road
  6. Chevron â" 2509 Stuart Avenue
  7. Mini-Mart â" 2422 Stuart Avenue

ADDU Major Bill Berry says during the operation, two teens used their regular, appropriate licenses as identification and went into each store to purchase a six-pack and a snack. During the sting, the teens wore an undercover camera and microphone to be used as records in court once the cases are prepared.

The Liberty Expressway Stop and Shop Manager George Bagain says although the ADDU showed him pictures, his partner doesn't remember selling to a minor. Bagain believes the sting is unfair to small businesses who are already struggling and says his store will try hard not to make another slip-up.

Dougherty County District Attorney Greg Edwards says they'll now decide whether to charge the stores or the clerks who sold the alcohol and say if convicted, they face up to a year in jail and a minimum $1,000 fine for the misdemeanor charge.

However, Edwards says if the stores and clerks have previous offenses, they could face more serious felony charges depending on their past history.

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