Accidental shooting leaves one in critical condition

Keith Edron King arrested after mistakenly shooting his friend early Friday. / SOURCE: Tifton Gazette

A man is behind bars this weekend after acting quickly and mistakenly shooting his friend in Tifton.

The Tifton Gazette reports that police were called to the 700th block of 6-1/2 street at around 1:43 AM on Friday, in response to someone being shot.

Once on scene, officials found a Hispanic male, laying on the ground bleeding from the chest, and the shooter standing there ready to assist police an any way.

30-year-old Keith Edron King reportedly was staying at the victim's girlfriends home that night to keep her safe from some suspicious activity that had been happening in the area.

The victim was reportedly coming home late, and when King heard the doorknob begin to turn he acted, shooting one bullet through the door, striking the victim in the chest.

King has been arrested and charged with aggravated assault, and the victim is currently at Tift Regional Medical Center and is reportedly in critical condition.

Officials with the Tifton Police Department say this serves as an example, that anyone carrying a firearm has to be careful and think before they discharge that weapon.

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