AC unit may have caused Sylvester house fire

The AC unit in question. / Allen Carter

Tatina Tucker says she felt sick to her stomach when she pulled up Monday night and saw her house on fire.

"I had took the children swimming and I had actually gone out to my moms and helped clean out the freezer and when I got there I had locked myself out and had to come back to get my keys and found my house on fire," said Tucker.

None of the five family members were inside. By the time she arrived neighbors had already called 911 and firefighters were already on the scene.

"There was all kinds of police and ambulances and fire trucks and they were still spraying the house down and that was maybe 45 minutes after I'd heard it," said Daniel Eubanks, who lives across the street.

"There was heavy fire coming from the middle bedroom in the front of the house," said Sylvester Fire Chief Jody Yarbrough.

Firefighters think it may have all started from an overheated air conditioner.

"We are awaiting a final investigation at this time, preliminary it looks like this is going to be around the window or air conditioner unit of the home," said Yarbrough.

"Our central air was messed up and we had not been able to get it fixed yet so we had window units and all the window units in the house were running," said Tucker.

Right now the house is uninhabitable, and the people who live here are staying with family members and they say are thankful because no one was hurt in the fire.

"We're just thanking god. It could be a lot worse. We're all safe. We're all still a family and we're just praying," said Tucker.