AB&T moving operations to Downtown Albany

AB&T says the move is an opportunity to benefit the company and Downtown Albany / Sarah Bleau

AB&T National Bank announced that they are relocating their operations center to Downtown Albany.

Currently located at 2722 Dawson Road, the operations center will be moving to the bank's Pine Avenue location.

"We're committed to downtown and this community. As our life blood, this city is where we're based and focused, and we believe in Downtown Albany and we feel this is an opportunity for us and downtown to benefit from and add people in that area," AB&T President and CEO Luke Flatt told FOX 31.

The Dawson Road branch will continue as a full service branch until Feb. 24. The following Monday, Feb. 27, the branch will reopen as a driveâthrough only operation. Remodeling will begin shortly thereafter.

Upon completion of the construction, the redeployment of that building will result in the addition of approximately 10 fullâtime jobs into Downtown Albany.

"We feel that this strategic move will be a net gain for Downtown Albany and will further strengthen the positive momentum that we see in this area," says Flatt.
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