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      AAA and Georgia State Patrol gives safety tips for you and your family while traveling

      December holidays are one of the busiest times for travel and to help keep you and your family safe, AAA and Georgia State Patrol have provided some helpful tips. Whether you TMre traveling by plane or car AAA says it TMs important to keep your kids involved and safe.According to AAA, motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death and injury for children. Getting a good night's rest can help from falling asleep behind the wheel, something that one in ten drivers, of 17 percent involved in fatal crashes, admit to doing. Traveling during the day time and making sure seatbelts and car seats are set correctly are also preventative measures.Trooper Sel Jenkins with the Georgia State Patrol says, the two primary reasons when people crash are following too closely and driving to fast for conditions. Jenkins adds to keep your distance and if it TMs foggy or raining to slow down.AAA adds when flying by air it can be helpful to bring a car seat as well, if appropriate for age, to help control the feeling of turbulence. The car seat should also be FAA approved.Lastly, AAA says involving the children in plans when traveling can make the overall experience more pleasant and help to prevent the are we there yet question.