A new dog show comes to town

Photo Credit: Rheya Spigner

The American Kennel Club hosted the annual coon dog show and hunt this year in Albany.

A.K.C. took over the tradition after the United Kennel Club pulled out of the event.

The A.K.C hosted the event at the Exchange Club in Albany. Premium breeds of Leopard, Redbone and other coon dogs were displayed and awarded.

Kids also got to participate in a showing after the first round. Not only was this a family event, it was put together for a good cause.

Jimmy Phillips, Field Representative of American Kennel Club said, "we did have another hunt here for twenty sevens years with another register they moved so Exchange Club wanted to do it because all of our proceeds go to the prevention of child abuse so, we're just starting over."

This was an all-day event on Saturday. The coon hunting began later in the evening.

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