A helping hand for Habitat

Phoebe Putney awards 'Habitat for Humanity,' with a $2,500 dollar check on Tuesday. / Matt Prichard

Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital handed out two checks today supporting both, 'Strive to Thrive,' and the 'Flint River Chapter of Habitat for Humanity.'

Officials visited both groups this afternoon, handing out $2,500 dollar checks and congratulating them on their efforts inside the Albany community.

Those with the, 'Flint River Habitat Chapter,' say the donation will go a long way to further their work.

"We like to move people from areas that maybe aren't quite as safe into nice safe neighborhoods where they feel they can grow and thrive," said President of the chapter, Ross Harrison.

The donations were in honor of, 'Physicians Day,' and Phoebe officials say this is an easy way to just say thanks.